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In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

Hey Booklovers!

Am trying to catch up with some of the books I had marked as to-be-read last year and I finally caught up with this one. 

Coming to the review. This is the first book by Ruth Ware that I have read. I do have my eye on her other book The Woman in Cabin 10 as well but not sure when I will read it.


Anyhoo, the story starts in London with Leonora (Lee/Nora/Leo), who is a crime fiction writer, where we get an idea about her daily chores and life in general. On one such day she gets a mail inviting her to attend a hen party of her long lost Best friend, Claire Cavendish. Well technically the mail is from the bridesmaid, Flo. After much deliberation she decides to attend with another mate, Nina.

Soon they arrive at Northumberland where the hen party is and everyone gets acquainted with the others. In between all this, we learn that Nora has a secret, which is only revealed three fourth into the book but it’s something that comes between Claire and Nora, the reason they haven’t been in touch for ten years. So why now? Why be in touch after so long?

Another revelation is the fact that Claire is marrying Nora’s high-school sweetheart James. The same something had happened between them that they too never kept in touch. So what happens now?

Out of the blue there’s a murder and the suspect turns out to be Nora. But she suffers from some trauma that leads to temporary amnesia. So what really happened? And why is Nora a suspect? 

Just to put it out there, I did not like the first half of the book. It was dragging like hell. As a character I didn’t connect with Nora, I didn’t think she was fleshed out enough. Once we come to the part of the murder, things move pretty quickly and there’s enough mystery to keep us hooked.

The story was somewhat predictable and the execution was a bit drab. I wasn’t impressed with it in the end.


Pros: Settings, similar to Agatha Christie style, dramatic.

Cons: Annoying characters, thin storyline, first half drags heavily.

Bibliogyan verdict – A reasonably good thriller with less of the ‘thrills’.

If you liked my review then please consider buying a copy from here

8 thoughts on “In A Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

  1. aww I liked this one! But I also read it in french so maybe some things got altered along the way xD
    idk man, but that eerie feels of the glass-house in the middle of the wood between autumn/winter is just SO. PERFECT. to me !!


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