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The Wife’s Secret by Kerry Wilkinson

Hey Booklovers!

We are back to a new year and new beginnings. I hope you had a great 2018. It went by a flash for me. But it’s been a good one.

Coming to the review. The Wife’s Secret is one book I had been wanting to read the moment I had read the blurb. I was too late to request it on NetGalley and already had my plate full with other books to read it at the time.

So, Seth Chambers is a veterinarian who has just married Charlotte Willis. His wife has disappeared right after their wedding. Where did she go and why? Did she leave voluntarily or was she abducted? Soon scattered clues are found here and there but still no news about her whereabouts. Parallel to this storyline we see what Charlotte’s life was in her younger days. She was born to famous parents. But a tragedy had struck them when she was thirteen and ever since she lived with her sister Martha. They had an older brother, Liam but one they never connected with. And is the Willis curse real? What has her childhood got to do with her missing now? Everything.

I was impressed with how the author practically weaves in everything without revealing anything. It’s engrossing but nothing ‘shocking’ is happening, at least not till the first half is over. There’s a twist which I didn’t expect, not in the beginning, but was not surprised either.

The character Liam was despicable. Their parents were pathetic. I did feel bad for the sisters though and like the author has written, one of the decision regarding a character was sad indeed. But the saddest character was Seth. What is he doing in between all this? It was just disheartening to see him go through all this, in fact it seems like its the only reason his role exists, as a window for us to see everything unraveling.

I am a bit conflicted with the book. Mostly because of the characters but also because somewhere it hasn’t lived up to the blurb I read. The plot was fast paced enough and keeps you guessing but perhaps I expected something more.


Pros: Good writing, plot structure and momentum.

Cons: Storyline, dragging, thin characterisation.

Bibliogyan verdict – An enjoyable thriller.

If you liked my review then please consider buying a copy from here

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