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Closer Than You Think by #DarrenO’Sullivan | Book Review

Hey Booklovers It had been quiet some time since I requested a book for review on NetGalley and I was recently approved for this one. I was in a mood to read a quick thriller (which am always in) and when I read the blurb it captured my attention. A serial killer who after ten… Continue reading Closer Than You Think by #DarrenO’Sullivan | Book Review

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The Cabin At The End Of The World by #PaulTremblay | #Bookreview

Hey Booklovers, I have been on a reading spree of sort and every once in a while I will stumble on a book that looks interesting from the blurb but falls flat on the face once read. One such book is this. So, Wen is an eight year old girl who is┬ávacationing at a remote… Continue reading The Cabin At The End Of The World by #PaulTremblay | #Bookreview

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Dreams Inc by T.E Mark

Hey Booklovers How's January turning out for you. I have managed to read some fantastic books this month. Along the way I accepted quiet a few review copies making my plate more than full. I still have few more to read. So I recently finished reading this book and here's my take on it. The… Continue reading Dreams Inc by T.E Mark

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Kaffeinated Conversations

Hey Booklovers! This is a weekly feature I have decided to start this year. It will include the books I read in the past week and my thoughts on current book trends and topics (including movies/series based on books) and the books I want to read. I also want to talk about what other book… Continue reading Kaffeinated Conversations

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Death in Shangri-la by #YigalZur #Bookreview

Hey Booklovers I received this book for providing feedback to the author who is an Israeli and wants to extend his market to the English audience. (Translated by Sara Kitai) Coming to the plot, in Israel, Dotan Naor is an ex-agent who works as a PI now to help Israelis in distress, usually work involving… Continue reading Death in Shangri-la by #YigalZur #Bookreview

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Verity by #ColleenHoover | #Bookreview

Hey Booklovers! So I had a surprise reading two days back. I wasn't expecting to read it anytime soon but I was in a mood to read something different and I had my eyes on this book from the time Ludwig's thriller had reviewed this. Coming to the review. Lowan Ashleigh is a writer, but… Continue reading Verity by #ColleenHoover | #Bookreview

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Thieves Honor by #DavidCombs #Bookreview

Hey Booklovers Accepting books for reviews from unknown authors is always a gamble. You never know if you will like the book and is burdened with the task of having to review it. But sometimes you truly enjoy the book and want to make efforts to showcase it as much as you are able. One… Continue reading Thieves Honor by #DavidCombs #Bookreview