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Jurassic Park #20

Hey booklovers!

It’s just few days remaining for Christmas and there’s still so much to read! How’s your TBR getting on? Am planning a short Christmas break. So hopefully this will rejuvenate my laziness. I still have around four posts to publish before I can stop obsessing over my blog. What are your plans for Christmas?

The good news is that I have finally finished my Goodreads challenge – 2018!! Of course I read far more than 20 books, I have exceeded 30 but I am including only the 20 physical copies that I read. Rest all were ebooks. It feels like a dream but am glad I could read so much and its all thanks to the blogging and bookstagram community who continue to inspire me. I cannot wait to start my 2019 challenge!

Coming to the review, I have watched Jurassic Park like a million times. Its one of my all time favourite movie. It was after a really long time that I realised it was based on a book. 🙈 Since then I have been planning to read it. Though I never knew when it would happen but last month when I was out of books to read I went over my Tbr list and thought this could be the perfect end to my Goodreads challenge 😄 and so here it is!

The plot revolves around Dr. Alan Grant, eccentric billionaire John Hammond and a theme park. Of course it’s no ordinary park, its one for the history. The park consists of genetically bioengineered extinct animals and not just any extinct animals. But Dinosaurs. The story starts on the periphery introducing us to all the characters including the primary ones and setting the stage for the main attraction. From the beginning there’s a sense that something wrong is going on or about to happen but nobody knows what. In an island on Costa Rica specifically Isla Nublar there’s a preserve of sort been constructed but it’s shrouded in secrecy, and for those near the island, in superstition.

Once all the characters are set and the reveal is made, then the real story begins. How were they made? What’s their shelf life? What about their breeding? Food? How are they to be contained and other possible environmental problems they might face. But most importantly, is it safe?

There were a lot of differences from the movie which I found pleasantly surprising. But what was most surprising was how even the characters were different. Ian Malcolm is a lot more flamboyant in the movie than in the book. Though he is indeed on the kooky side here too. There are slight role reversals like Tim been the older and Lex the younger and boy is she as annoying in the book as in the movie. I don’t think I have ever encountered such an annoying character ever before. Though only in bits and pieces but she leaves you exasperated. 

Lots of characters obviously die but that too is different from the movie and you will have to read it to know who survives (no spoilers here) but what was really blood curdling was how the author describes the killings –  to the minutest details – its kinda uncomfortable. In one particular scene, adult velociraptors kill a baby raptor and even though they are predators its just awful to read it

The ending too is different but only slightly – just the lead towards the ending. One thing am not sure about is how to feel about the book. In parts it was entertaining, in parts it was dragging but not in an obvious way because whatever I was reading kept me interested but it was taking forever to finish. In the end I felt satisfied – both for finishing and knowing what the movie was all about. Its good to know where it all started, indeed.

Bibliogyan verdict – For fans of Jurassic Park and those still discovering it.


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