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Stalker by Lars Kepler

Hey booklovers!

I just finished my first book of December! It’s taken some time as I couldn’t get hooked into the book as quickly as I thought. Does that happen to you? I mean you are excited to read a book but once you start its little bit of a drag for a few chapters before it starts to flow. Sounds familiar?

Anyhoo over the past few months I had quiet a few books on my radar that I wasn’t sure when I would be able to read them but turns out December is perfect for everything else I kept aside. So one of those books was Stalker by Lars Kepler, an author duo whose books I have been wanting to read for quiet some time now. I had almost ordered The Hypnotist in October but I had too many other books to read then and decided to go for an ebook to test the waters, in a manner of speaking.

stalker lars kepler.jpg

So the Stalker is about well obviously a stalker who is also a serial killer. We are first introduced to Margot Silverman, chief Police officer, National Criminal Investigation Department (Sweden), they are watching a small clip that was sent to them before the first murder is committed. It’s voyeuristic in nature. The murdered woman in her last moments. The victims face  is completely brutalised to the point it’s not even recognisable. They ask for the assistance of Erik Maria Bark, an expert forensic psychiatrist and also a hypnotist to get information from a witness. From there on in we learn the history of a similar murder nine years ago and how someone else was wrongly convicted and that the serial killer is still on loose.

One thing that was a bit annoying (totally my mistake I didn’t check about the series before) is that this is the fifth book in a series and so there were characters that I had no idea about previously popping in and been talked about out of the blue namely the central character Joona Linna (I wasn’t sure about his history but pretty much all the series is named after him and this is Joona Linna #5) but is smoothly integrated though it still drags here and there.

One of the best part is when one of the attack is alerted to a possible victim and the realisation she is not alone in her house. That whole chapter describing her fear and in turn our own is just so palpable that I wanted to check the locks in my house. I almost skipped it!

The story has its strength, the characters and their environment is solid but I felt it dragged in certain places. It’s five thirty pages long and certainly tests my patience. But the serial killer is seriously weird and scary. One of the best villains I have read this year purely based on the fact that they managed to scare me. Ha.

So as part of my nordic noir interests I would definitely check other books by the authors as they are truly good.

Bibliogyan verdict – Pure terror but not fast paced enough.


If you liked my review then please consider buying a copy from here

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