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Have You Heard of The Kooky Kids Club??


When I heard Shalini was hosting a blog tour I was excited and anxious as this would be my first blog tour and she was kind enough to tell me how things worked. I waited patiently to hear from her again wanting to read this quirky book as soon as possible. Finally, the tour is about to begin and I cannot wait for you all to discover the Kooky Kids Club! Thanks to Shalini and Robbie for my uber cool invitation to the Kooky Kids Club! Check out  Shalini’s and Robbie’s pages for more!

One of the Quirks I had shared with them was how am always making the bed. I cannot stand to see the bedsheets spoiled or out of place and every chance I get I keep straightening it. I also want the pillows to be arranged in a certain way so that it looks clean and organised. I love using coasters but sadly nobody else does in my family.

These are the ones I use for now

My other quirks include wanting everything clean in the kitchen and using newspapers if am preparing (mise en place) something so it doesn’t spill on the counter and theres less amount of cleaning. I do collect a lot of mugs though I don’t use it as much as I should be!

The review for The Kooky Kids Club will be posted on December 5th. Meanwhile Check out these awesome bloggers who are also part of the blog tour!



December 3
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December 4
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December 5
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December 6
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December 7
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Sophril Reads
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December 8
Jessica Rachow
Bookish Wisps
Swift Coffee

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