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Lies by T.M Logan

Hey booklovers!

So November is officially over. Am both sad and excited. Sad since it’s my favourite month and excited cause with every end there’s a new beginning.

One of the books I had my eyes on was Lies by TM Logan. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it anytime soon but since I was out of books to read I knew this would make it to the top. The blurb had me hooked. What if your whole life was based on Lies?

lies tm logan.jpg

The plot is thus: Joe Lynch is an English teacher. Married to Mel and has a son William. He is happily married and is soon approaching his 10th wedding anniversary. As a result of an unexpected encounter, Joe decides to follow Mel to surprise her and ends up knowing more than he bargained for. She is seen with a family friend, Ben Delaney. They both seem to be arguing about something and when Joe decides to figure out for himself, a fight ensues between him and Ben and the latter is injured. Just then William has an asthma attack. They quickly drive over to his house to get William his inhaler. But Joe decides to go back to help Ben except he’s gone.

It isn’t until later that he realises he has misplaced his phone and bracelet but by then its too late. Messages from Ben or someone pretending to be him is been sent to Joe (through Facebook) and he has no idea whats going on until the police itself is involved. Now a missing persons case has turned out to be suspicion of murder. Did Joe kill Ben? Or is Ben taking revenge on Joe for their fight?

Too many other things are going on by this time in the plot that I cannot give away but I seriously was irritated with this book. Maybe it had to do with my unpleasant mood but I wasn’t happy with the Character Joe. He chose to not see so many things and instead blindly trust someone who had proved they cannot be trusted. Yet he kept repeating blunders after blunders. The only good thing was that it was so fast paced that this could be over looked. In a span of one week, Joe’s life has turned upside down. His job, his marriage, his reputation is all on the line. His characterisation was weak and not exactly convincing. But it just goes on to say how all our lives are out there documented on social media never completely gone. All you have to do is search the right place with the right tool and Voila! your life ends up controlled by someone else.

All the characters hardly made any impression and I couldn’t care for anyone except  William but that’s cause he’s a kid. In fact, for a moment I seriously wondered if the author was making this up as he went along. The story is relevant in how todays technology is impacting our lives and the writing is good too but as a customer am not entirely satisfied.

Bibliogyan Rating – An engrossing page turner but not entirely satisfactory.


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