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Deadly Secrets By Robert Bryndza

Hey booklovers!

So I have been on a book slump for a few days. Since my Goodreads challenge is almost over (just one more book!) am finding it a bit confusing as to what to read next. So I decided to make a list of books to read and am once again stocked up. Though more than half of them are ebooks.

I wanted to read a fast paced book to get reading again and boy did this book not disappoint. So here’s the plot:

A murder has been committed on Christmas eve. A woman named Marrisa Lewis is attacked by someone in a gas mask on her way back home from work. In the morning Detective Chief Inspector Erika Foster arrives on the crime scene. We soon learn that there has been plenty of attacks by someone in a gas mask and the search for the murderer is on.

In the course of the investigation we also learn that Marrisa wasn’t all that meets the eye. She had tons of secrets each slowly revealed by all the suspects. Each with their own trauma. One of them, Joseph was specially sad, pitiful really. But not giving anything away. The story is gripping yet the flow was pretty quick.

This is the first time I have read a Detective Erica Foster novel by Robert Bryndza and it has been a thrill from start to finish though the ending was a bit of a dampener, not that am complaining. I was definitely confused as to who did it even though I was sure the author was misdirecting.

Anyhoo I enjoyed this book thoroughly and the characterisation was damn good. Not too much but just enough for us to care about each of them. It’s definitely up on my good books lists and am going to make sure I check the other books in this series.

Bibliogyan rating – an exhilarating ride of a thriller!

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