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The Ascendance Trilogy #19

Hey Booklovers!

November is coming to an end! Seriously where did the year go?? Well the good news is that I finally finished a series I took two years to read. Ridiculous right? I mean I finished the first two pretty quickly but somewhere along there I lost interest and no matter what I just couldn’t bring myself to finish the last one especially when I found so many other books that really had me interested. I felt if at all I could finish it this could be it, as I didn’t have to buy other books just to finish my Goodreads challenge ( Though I did, but thats cause of the sale!) So finally I finished it today though admittedly I don’t remember everything from the first two.

Heres the mini blurb:

With a clever narrator and a mind-blowing ending, this gripping trilogy-about a kingdom on the brink of destruction-features suspense, adventure, and plenty of twists and turns The False Prince Orphaned Sage is chosen to take part in a secret plot-to impersonate a long-lost prince, stay alive, and take over the kingdom. The Runaway King Intrigue and treason! When the king goes missing, can a kingdom built on lies survive? The Shadow Throne War is coming! In the thrilling conclusion, it’s a fight for the future, and staking a claim to rule could mean danger-or death.

The Ascendance Trilogy comprises of these books:

  • The False Prince
  • The Runaway King
  • The Shadow Throne


Beginning with the first one we meet Sage, an orphan living in the country of Avenia, running away from been caught for stealing. Soon he is brought by a mysterious man, Bevin Conner and learns that he has brought three others and they all look slightly similar to each other. They are brought to another country, Carthya whose kingdom is failing for a lack of ruler. Their former King, wife and elder son were lost to sea few months (murdered) back and is in desperate need of a ruler.

Bevin Conner, we learn is a regent in that kingdom. We soon realise that his plan is to in-still a false king, namely the youngest son of the former king – Jaron (MIA), and who will secretly work for Bevin. Despite stiff competition amongst the boys, Sage stands out through his disdain, defiance and reckless arrogance. So could he become the next king? Will Bevin’s scheming plan work?

The story runs on a fast track from start to end, guaranteed to keep you awake till you finish it. The layers to the character, the complex situations the boys face as well as secrets that are slowly revealed is exhilarating. There is a lot going on that meets the eye and all the twists are deliciously exciting. The plot is a definite page turner and will keep you hooked till the end.

In the next book we meet the rightful ruler acknowledged as King Jaron. But we learn of a conspiracy to kill him. Barely a month into his reign, 15-year-old Jaron faces rival regents, threats of invasion from neighbouring Avenia, a betrothal to a complete stranger and a power-hungry captain of the Carthyan guard who longs to replace him. So what can he do? How can he hope to rule when his own men are against him even when battle itself awaits? Jaron does the unthinkable and makes enemies into allies and coming closer to victory. But what price does he pay for it all? Just like the first one, this too is fast paced and keep you glued till the end.

In the final book, Jaron faces the loss of his kingdom, his friends and his life in the gripping finale of the Ascendance Trilogy. Will he fulfil his role as the Ascendant king and rise from the ashes? Will he face his enemies and conquer those looking for his doom? The final book is a long drawn tale about Jaron’s strategy for war but nothing is revealed though we have come to expect him to come out unscathed (so to say) from all his problems, including war. Resolved to save Carthya, Jaron devises a series of improbable, dangerous and ingenious plans designed to surprise his enemies as well as  the readers.

Am not giving away much of the plot as the book is full of twists and turns and will not stop till the end of the final book. So you will have to read ’em to find all the secrets. Sage was seriously incorrigible, rude and clearly meant to make us hate him but so were much of the others. The first book we meet most of the characters who make it till the last, the characters are set, the relationships are made and we get a general idea of where this is going. Even though its mildly predictable, it still surprises you thanks to the mind blowing writing by author Jennifer Nielsen.

The characters who leave a mark include Mott, Imogen, Amarinda and Roden. The villain in this story is King Vargan, ruler of Avenia. He is as bad as they come. The story is as grand as it can get and includes love, friendship, deceit, loss, family, action, hidden passage ways, pirates and exotic locations. Its the perfect package for fantasy lovers. The main lead Jaron despite his shortcomings, you root for him for he is only a fifteen year old boy and yet has the courage even a fifty year old may not. He is almost anti-hero in the beginning but his characterisation is amazing. I didn’t find any character arcs here just that he finally came to his own but in a more obvious manner. Its the perfect series to start off into if you are just starting to read fantasy adventure, though not necessarily. I wanna conclude by saying its an amazing series that I enjoyed and love.

Bibliogyan rating – An amazing fantasy adventure series that would satisfy your every palette.


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