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Masks & A Special Day by Sourabh Mukherjee

Hey Booklovers!

The weekend is over but new week means new books! Yay! So I had signed up for reviewing books on Writers Melon sometime back and received two books to review that I purchased from amazon, both ebooks costing me Rs.9 each (for which I will receive reward points). The books are written by Sourabh Mukherjee, an author whose work I have never read before.  They are short stories and has only 9 and 22 pages.

The first book I read was the Masks. The cover page had me interested. I actually thought it would be a romance where two people meet at a masquerade party or something. But this is nothing like that. Arjith works in the sales department of a reputed company who also needs to keep their clients satisfied. Akanksha/ Oindrila is an escort, wife and a mother searching for true love or something similar that she once had. m

The female character was more sketched than the male. Its one day of their life that forms the story. The beginning wasn’t good. I found the language not up-to mark. There were only 5 chapters. The first two were disappointing. But the last three does make an impression. Especially the end left me wanting more. Theres scope for improvement but looks like a pleasant read.

I felt the author was telling rather than showing what we should feel. The dialogues were very mediocre. Am not saying it should sound like a Shakespeare play but it doesn’t feel authentic. The Characters don’t connect. The story itself is different and thats where the author shines. Maybe a little bit more effort could do it wonders.

The second book I read by Sourabh Mukherjee is A Special Day. Its another short story and has only 22 pages. The story is about Mike and his dad, David. We meet Mike at his office. He has secured a job interview he was looking forward to but realises that he wont be able to attend it. David is resting at home, he doesn’t seem to remember the last time he went to work nor that he is married or has a son.


The story is about their time together this one time. Been a short story its important to set the tone right in the beginning. It is mysterious as to whats going on at the start but the language again is not as good. The story is heartwarming about what matters is only our present not our past and the value of our loved ones but it could have been portrayed slightly better.

Again, the story is different, a father and son relationship. But the author puts too much emphasis on unnecessary dialogues and not creating an authentic voice. Maybe its cause they are short stories but the author has potential and also I feel he is trying to spoon feed. Otherwise a quick read.

BIbliogyan Rating – Good heartwarming stories but lacks good language.


If you liked my review you can purchase these ebooks here : Masks and A Special Day

9 thoughts on “Masks & A Special Day by Sourabh Mukherjee

  1. I have seen these on Amazon, they had pretty good ratings. I was thinking of reading them sometime… Once my never-ending TBR is zero, that is. 😉 If the language/story-telling is just okay, then perhaps I should just give it a miss.


    1. I was confused as to the high rating myself. Perhaps they are good for some people 🤔 But I just wasn’t satisfied with the language. By time you can get past it the story is over so..🙄 thanks for your comments!😃


      1. I read Sudha Nair’s short story a couple of weeks ago. The reviews and ratings were pretty good so I decided to read it. The story was more about obsession than love. I am a bit choosy when it comes to Indian authors. Most of the stories are bollywood movie-like. 😉


      2. I too have heard that sanghi’s books are good. I am more of a spy-thriller kinda reader. And then of course, my new found love – Cozy mysteries. 😀


      3. I love espionage too!! Suggest me some good ones?? I know le carrè and Frederick Forsyth but it’s kinda boring 🙊 but would love some mission Impossible style 😆


      4. I recently read few by Derek Lambert. Some are really good. Saint Peter’s plot is about a plot to save Hitler during WW2. Vendetta is also a good book. All of Lambert’s books were on NetGalley until a few weeks ago. If you want to buy it, it can be pretty expensive, like 600₹ per book.
        Blood brothers by Nick pope is good. It’s about recent terror attacks.
        Forsyth is my favourite. 😀 Ken Follett’s good too. Not spy series but Jack Reacher series is awesome. 😀


      5. They all sound awesome!! Thanks for taking the time to suggest these! I have read Lee child yes. Again lil boring 😬 wanna give it another try though. Will check out the others!! Tnx a ton Rekha 😄


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