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How The GoodReads Challenge Revived My Love For Books!

Hey Booklovers!


I have been wanting to write on various topics other than just book reviews from the beginning but never got around to doing it. But now that the year is coming to an end I really wanted to post everything I have been putting off. Starting with this.

As a kid I have always loved reading. Honestly speaking my love for books was sparked by Archie comics and till today I have a stack of those comics with me. Even from my local library I would take around ten of them to read at home. But as I grew up I started noticing another genre perfect for my age – Romance. Slowly but surely I began to read a lot of them. Similar to Archie I began bringing home dozens of romance novels and even took some where I travelled hoping to not lose it (there was no kindle back then) as I still had to get it back to the library. I don’t know what it was but keeping books with me was some sort of comfort I guess.

Then the biggest disrupter emerged. Harry Potter. I was swept away by its magic and the friendship and that whole world JK Rowling created. I wanted to live in it and never come out. But I wasn’t a potter head or anything. I just loved the comfort of reading a potter book on a bad day or if I wanted to escape reality for sometime. To be honest I thought of myself as part of the potter world. Haha. I was the fourth member in the gang quietly watching everything. I even had a huge crush on Sirius. I was hooked on this series the longest.


But time insists you grow up and its been a while I have reread those books ( which reminds me maybe I should do it next year?) and I found other books to sink my teeth into but alas not for long. For over five years I never bothered to read much (as life takes over) except some book here and there. But I never stopped “hoarding” books. I still have many books I haven’t read – like the Magicians Apprentice, Anne Rice books, lots of rom-coms, legal thrillers and such.

dan brown-Robert-langdon-collection

The only series that I had any interest in at the time was Dan Brown. I did regularly keep myself updated with his books. It was fast paced and adventurous. Popcorn entertainment. But that too was short lived once his last book Inferno was published. I don’t remember reading much for four years after that and I keep wondering now, when I see others who have read so much more than me, why I call myself a Bibliophile. I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. There are so many books to still read. Thats when at the end of last year, I came across Dan Brown’s new book Origin. For a second I was transported to my other world where I would read for hours and be lost in it. A time I lost when I stopped reading much.

I discovered Goodreads again and realised there is this challenge I can accept. I kept a realistic number -20. Surely I can read 2 books a month and make it twenty four but I didn’t want to jump the gun. So I started an Instagram account except it wasn’t about me – it was about the book loving community and hence titled it Bibliogyan – wisdom from books. I was inspired by so many Instagram accounts that I seriously wanted to read all the books in the world.

Slowly but surely I read. At first it was slow. But three months in something kicked, and I have been on the high gear ever since. But am still taking it as it comes. I keep a realistic standard. I make sure I read at least 2 books a month and now I have reached the end of the year as well as end of the challenge. 3 more books and am done.

But this has been more than that. It has helped me revive something I thought long lost. I had lost so much time and connect with the very thing that made me happy, feel secure and accepted, without any prejudice. Its a weird thought, sure but to many kids growing up books are their best friends and sadly none of my friends were bookworms like me and for an only child books were her ‘siblings’.

In the course of one year I have been able to revive my lost love for books all thanks to the Goodreads challenge which am going to keep continuing. Next year am planning to increase the number to thirty (Excluding review copies). Not much. But enough. I wanna thank all the books that have taken me on a journey, from a lonely house wife to the virtual reality program Oasis to the tough ass heroine Gina Royal who gave us a glimpse of serial killer families – all of whom has been instrumental in this joyous ride of reading with me.

Along with this I have discovered a wonderful community on Bookstagram that keep inspiring me to read. What inspires you to read? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I write this for all those bookworms who know what it feels like been surrounded by books and never wanting to leave. And to those still discovering their love for books – may the force be with you!

19 thoughts on “How The GoodReads Challenge Revived My Love For Books!

  1. @Jonetta from Blue Mood Cafe had commented the following before I had to repost this:

    Thank you for sharing your inspirations as I found it interesting. I used the Harry Potter books to get my nephew, who was struggling at the time, to get interested in reading. It worked! It helped him in so many ways.
    My Mom ignited my love of reading. I can’t remember not having a book in hand and she took us to the library every week. It’s never left me and when eBooks emerged, my volume of reading exploded. I discovered Goodreads and a small book community called Shelfari that opened me to new genres and virtual friendships that are still sustained. I read a lot more books now that I have the time and the Goodreads challenge certainly helps.


  2. Who didn’t have a crush on Sirius? 😉 I read prisoner of azkaban like a gazillion times. 😂 My love for reading started with comics too. 😀 But not Archie. Nor have I read any book of the romance genre. I used to read indian comics – tinkle, gokulam and Chandamama (these are not comics but they were quite popular).

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      1. Haha, yes. My uncle used to call me suppandi. 😂😂 tinkle was good those days. Now the stories are all new and different. Even suppandi looks different now. Shikari shambu, kalia the crow, kapish 😀

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  3. I think keeping a realistic goal is the most important thing. I know when I set goals I couldn’t keep I had a burnout even now and then. It was disheartening. I’m giving Goodreads another shot! I’m planning on doing a major reread of several books.


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