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Crazy Rich Asians – Movie

Hey booklovers!

Its been a while I have reviewed a movie and thats usually because I want to review only books adapted to movie/series. One such movie is Crazy Rich Asians based on the novel of the same name. I had seen the trailer long ago and just like ‘To all the boys I have loved before’, I kept seeing this all over my feeds and wanted to check it out. The trailer was amazing and I definitely wanted to see the movie. So finally I saw it last night.

The plot is pretty straightforward and almost Bollywood like story wise sans the music. I think it would have been a great musical but they probably didn’t want to take too much risk what with an entire Asian cast.

Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) is an American Chinese. She teaches economics at the NYU and is dating Nick Young (Henry Golding). They have been together for an year yet somewhat puzzling is that she didn’t know his background. Apparently he is a multi billionaire heir to his family business in Singapore. She finds this out only on the flight to Singapore to attend Nicks best friends wedding where he’s the best man.


The plot is without a doubt hilarious. How everyone knows everyone in Singapore wasn’t lost on me while we too here in India are always nosing around in other peoples business. I think it’s an Asian trait. Nicks mom played by Michelle Yeoh is absolutely gorgeous both in her grace and performance, which is really not a surprise. So what happens when a billionaire mother meets her sons not so rich potential wife? Well you can guess, am sure. At least to me nothing was a cliche. Except for Rachel’s friend played by Awkwafina who was a tad bit annoying.

There were subplots weaved in the story which enriched the storyline further rather than takeaway from it, especially the focus on Nick’s cousin Astrid ( Gemma Chan ) and her marriage. Sometimes I did feel like there was drama for the sake of drama like how everyone belittled Rachel at the bachelorette party, though in some ways necessary.

Constance Wu performed her part exceptionally well while I found Henry Golding to be a bit reluctant to shine – maybe cause his role was not as sketched as hers, it was mostly one dimensional. Despite caricaturish parts everyone brought freshness to it and didn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

I haven’t read the book and I don’t know if theres any deliberate changes made to the movie but what I loved about the movie was that I found it complete without having read it either. We know a movie can never compare with the book – it almost never matches up but I think if we are satisfied with the movie on its own then somethings been done right.

Bibliogyan rating – A highly enjoyable movie that you can even watch with your family. My IMDb rating – 7

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