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The Outsider #17

Hey booklovers!!

Am back with another book review. Am so excited to share this cause the book am reviewing is by none other than Stephen King. Admittedly this is my first king book, though I have seen quite a few movies based on his books. I never realised I could actually like his work since am not really a fan of reading horror. That’s the same reason am always stuck with Dean Koontz books. Maybe someday I might read his books too.the outsider by stephen king

Anyhoo, after careful consideration I decided to read The Outsider as part of my Halloween special books. Mainly because with just a few words Stephen king had hooked me. How can a man be in two places? Did the man really commit a gruesome murder or is it something else?

The book starts with corroborating witnesses on account of a murder committed couple of days back in Flint city. Our protagonist Ralph Anderson, chief detective sets out to arrest the perpetrator of the crime and does so in a grand manner which later in the book causes him a lot of trouble.

Terry Maitland is the accused, he is a football coach for boys and the allegations on him is that he murdered and raped an 11 eleven year old boy.

Despite evidence against Terry, including eye witnesses and fingerprints and a pending DNA test, Ralph realises there’s something missing but the angst of such a gruesome murder prevents him from thinking rationally and goes ahead with a public arrest. Later on we find many things missing and a baffling mystery as to Terry’s alibi. How can he have been at two places when the murder was committed?

I found king’s writing to be so effortless. Unlike other murder mysteries he dwells on the characters and creates something extra ordinary from the mundane. It’s hard to believe that the book goes on for 475 pages without making us feel like it’s dragging or that certain parts were unnecessary. Everything just fits. I was truly impressed and completely in awe.

Of course this is not a regular thriller murder mystery. Stephen king’s books are always doused with certain amount of the supernatural, and this is where “the outsider” comes in and he makes it look so natural. Like how could we not imagine it, right?

I definitely felt a bit creepy mid way through the book and started watching my back and having restless sleep till I completed the book and an extra day to boot. But this was unputdownable after the first two chapters and I can definitely add myself in the countless million admirers of Kings. Looking forward to reading another book of his.

Bibliogyan rating – what are you waiting for? Grab your copy and start reading!

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