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The Promise by Teresa Driscoll

Hey booklovers!

Am so excited to share with you this review after receiving an advanced copy (Thomas & Mercer) from NetGalley! Yay! I had reviewed another book by Teresa Driscoll on my blog this year – I am Watching You . A genuinely surprising thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed. So I figured it would be great to read another one of her books. Besides I wanna be able to read as many books I can get from NetGalley.

the promise

So here is the plot: three childhood best friends – Beth, Sally and Carol share a secret. A secret so powerful, it could destroy their lives and everything they hold dear, if revealed. Beth and Sally have continued to remain friends while Carol chose to distance herself. So what is this secret they can’t face and threatens their lives even today?

Unlike her previous book – I am Watching You, here the author takes the longer route to establish her characters and their backstory. It’s told with alternating timeline as well as different POVs but I think she has gone a tad overboard with all the character settings. It takes quite a while to reach the dreaded secret by which time the less patient may lose interest.

The story builds slowly with a lot of character development as well as brimming the story to a climax. As much as I enjoyed the plot, it was hardly a thriller. The author definitely has some tricks up her sleeves, so to say, but the end result is disappointing which is rather sad since I had really enjoyed her last book but this one felt like it lacked depth. Almost pointless. I found Carol to be removed from the story yet she was the one who struggled the most, and despite this everything in the end feels rushed. The twists don’t feel shocking although not ‘predictable’. Sure as teenagers every problem may seem like the end of the world and yes they go through something horrifying but as adults I couldn’t buy their so called ‘promise’ to keep it a secret.

The writing is top notch and readers who like slow burning thrillers may like it, especially if you never expected the ‘twist’ but if I compare to her last book, this one was inadequate in its delivery. But a decent read for her fans.

Publication date: Feb 7th, 2019

Bibliogyan rating – Strictly for Teresa Driscoll fans (First timers try it if you like the blurb).

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