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It movie

Hey booklovers!

I finally saw this movie I had been putting off since I was too scared to watch it. Ha!

Every book lover in the world must be familiar with Stephen king’s book IT. Said to be one of the scariest books of all time. I have to confess I haven’t read it. Yikes. I just don’t read a lot of horror fiction. I tried reading this one but after two chapters I quit. I know it’s absolutely shocking. I really wanted to read it.

Anyhoo I knew I will always watch the movie. I haven’t seen the 90s one but this one I knew I would watch it. Come what may. The trailer had me by the throat.

The movie It is about the town of Derry and focuses on a specific gang called the Losers. They notice kids missing from their neighbourhood, which started only a few months in when the movie begins. They have nightmares which are real but not everyone can see it. I was seriously reminded of the Boggart from the potter books where the creature takes the shape of what you are afraid of the most.

Despite been a movie I was constantly peeping through my fingers, closing my ears and moving my eyes away a lot of times. Like lot many. Yet you can’t take away your eyes either. The kids are so good. You don’t feel like you are watching a movie but been part of their group.

The Losers figure out what’s going on and decide to end this menace once and for all. But is it that easy? Can you overcome what you fear? Friendships are tested here and so are strength and courage.

I did find the adults of the town really annoying. There hardly were any and their answer to everything going wrong was ignorance. And the kids for all their bravery were really frustrating at times. But alls well if the ends well. At least chapter one.

P.S : psst.. if you lose a paper boat around the drain, good luck getting it back.

Bibliogyan rating – drop everything else and watch this movie right now!

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