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Eliza and her Monsters #15

Hey Booklovers!

Finally am done reading this book! Whew! I took a reallly looong time to read this book…months I guess. I almost gave up reading it but I was adamant to finish it.

The story is so simple. Eliza mirk is a teenager who has an ordinary high school life with no friends and social life. But online she is lady constellation! The creator of a web comic ‘Monstrous Sea’.

Monstrous Sea is huge online with fan fiction aplenty. She also makes money through it, enough for college but no one knows her real identity and her offline life is not so glamorous. Her parents and her two brothers love her a lot and they have their typical family conversations and dramas.

In her final year she meets a new kid. Wallace. He is a huge Monstrous Sea fan and writes fanfiction. Soon they get together and she becomes more outgoing and has something else to look forward to other than her webcomics.

I found the book to go on and on forever and found Eliza annoying the first three fourth of the book but she is just another typical teenager who has the same old issues with her social life and family. There are glimpses of her webcomics given in the book and I wasn’t really interested in it.

I really connected with her introversion. Her need to escape. Be someone else. But after a point I was a bit impatient with it. Where as Wallace was a contradiction. He had more layers to him but was unpredictable and strange at the same time.

The book deals with depression, anxiety, social pressure, parental pressure, introversion, awkward romance and everything a teenager goes through in high school. It’s aptly captured and I give the writer credit where it’s due.

Coming back to the story, her online identity is revealed and she has to come to terms with her new fame which not many high schoolers go through. I find it a bit weird how much your “online” life dictates your offline one. She gives it way to much importance but I guess it’s the age. But maybe not? Whats real to me may not be real to you.IMG_20180926_211517.png

I had a hard time reading the first 170 pages but after that I really started caring about Eliza especially after her identity was revealed and how she copes with it. The writer has infused real emotions in this without making it too dramatic. But it’s strange to take this long to like a lead character, right?

I know many have loved this book and with good reason but it’s not a book that I would, given a choice, pick up in the first place.

Bibliogyan rating – Makes for a good YA reading if you are into that genre.

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