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To All The Boys I have Loved Before – movie

Hey Booklovers! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far!

I just caught up on the new Netflix wave ‘To all the boys I have loved before’ based on the same book written by Jenny Han.

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It’s been weeks since I kept seeing this pop up on all my feeds. I kept dodging it for as long as I could thinking it’s just teenage romcom. I finally let curiosity get the better of me and watched some clips on YouTube. Big Mistake!

I was getting slowly sucked into wanting to watch the movie with every clip I watched. So I decided Friday night am gonna watch this. And boy I wasn’t disappointed.

So the story is about a girl Lara Jean who is starting high school. Her older sister leaves for college and younger starts sixth grade. Our lead is somewhat of a loner and prefers reel romance to the real. She writes letters to those she has a crush on and kinda moves on. Her longest crush has been Josh who by then started dating her older sister. She has a letter for him too. Unfortunately these letters, 5 in total, gets leaked.

One of them ends up with Peter who decides to use this as a way to get back to his ex. Lara Jean agrees hoping to throw Josh off her back and to avoid embarrassing herself.

During this pretend relationship they actually fall in love with one another but are too afraid to tell the other. What happens next is the rest of story.

I found the movie to be really good. Characters are well sketched out and no one sticks out like a sore thumb. Peter is definitely every teenage girls dream boyfriend but there was something missing. Yet their romance was so cute and believable. I loved the bond between the sisters. The whole movie felt very optimistic yet like a fantasy. I guess it’s selling point is that it’s not just attractive to its main target audience. Everything feels fresh, non cheesy and no one is typecast. I haven’t read the book yet but I most definitely will. What about you guys?

The movie definitely felt similar to 80s romcoms such as high fidelity, sixteen candles or even more recent Easy A. Sweet and Simple. But that’s it.

Bibliogyan rating – A cozy weekend watch (a date is an added bonus) Go for it!

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