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I am Watching You #13

Hey Booklovers! So I finished reading this book – I am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll despite not having it on my TBR list! I happened to come across this book while I was browsing for other books in the library. The book cover and the synopsis had me interested and once I started reading I was not disappointed.

So the story. Two girls on board a train in London. Our protagonist mostly known as The Witness is also on the same train. She happens to see them mingling with recently released convicts. Young and attractive they strike up a conversation with the girls. At first she panics for their safety but later decides to ignore it for reasons best understood whilst reading. The next day one of them turns out missing. One year later the case gets fresh lease of life. What happens forms the rest of the story.

iam watching you

The author includes a lot of personal data for our characters. It’s not just about the missing girl anymore, you see. It’s also about her family, her best friend who was with her and her family. Their issues. Everything comes out in the open. It made everything seem more personal instead of just reading something as a third person.

I loved the writing style. It was clever, not too much, just enough to hook you. The characters were fresh and given enough meat to justify their presence. The villain was lacklustre to be honest. Could have been given more attention to it. The story unfolds rapidly and there is no dragging here unlike the many authors who do so.

Again the villain is the only weak point in this book which can be overlooked as you reach the end once its all revealed anyways.

Bibliogyan rating – A perfect weekend read.

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