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Ready Player One – The Movie

Hey Booklovers! Recently I finally caught up to watching Ready Player One movie based on Earnest Clines novel of the same name.

I couldn’t stop raving about the book which was so detailed and where the world building was fascinating. It’s not every time I get to read a book so engrossing and adventurous at the same time. It’s a book I would love to read over and over again. But the movie? Not so much.

The movie is completely different from the book. In a good way of course. For those who haven’t read the book (highly recommended) it maybe perfectly alright as it is but otherwise it’s a let down. At least for me.

Yes, there were the same names, same worlds, same story but the quest was different. And what was that video archive in the library? Somebody is actually recording all this? Was technology that great between the 90s till the events of the book? That was a horrible thing to add in the movie.

The acting is nothing great. They do their part. But I couldn’t find myself invested in the characters like I did in the book. Sure for legal reasons you had to change a lot of things in the book and add news ones. But it was very rushed and kinda taken for granted. One of the Co-screen writers was the author himself who salvaged what he could but if you love the book this is gonna be a disappointment.

For someone who hasn’t seen the movie here’s the gist of it:

It’s the year 2045. The world has changed rapidly. For better and for worse. Poverty, famine and environmental disasters loom large yet technology has made leaps and bounds. One such technological marvel is the Virtual reality programme called the Oasis. It lets you immerse yourself in another world where you can be anything you want. Enter our hero Wade Watts aka Parzival.

He narrates a story about the creator of Oasis – James Halliday who is now dead and has left his entire fortune as well as the ownership of Oasis itself to the one who will complete three quests to find the Easter egg.

To reach this you must find three keys and unlock three equally difficult riddles. It’s been ages, five years to be precise, and nobody has cracked anything yet. But Parzival finally gets it and our journey starts from there. How does he find the next two keys forms the rest of the story with a very convincing villain in IOI who thwarts their every step mainly Parzival and his friends – Aech, Art3mis, Sho and Daito.

All the pop culture reference in the movie is a way to find the egg by Halliday who was a big fan of the 80s. There is a scene taken from The Shining that is so convincing and unbelievable at the same time. It was seriously out of the world even if it was in a movie to watch it happen like that. To me this was the highlight of the movie about Virtual reality. Imagine if you could be a part of it for real like right now. Just Wow.

So was it a good experience? Yes. Steven Spielberg makes sure you have a great movie experience but was it a good book adaptation? A big NO. They rarely are. But it’s fun for what it is. Pure cinema entertainment.

Bibliogyan ratings – Enjoy with a large tub of popcorn but get back and immerse yourself in the book for the real experience 🤗

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