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13 Reasons Why

Hey Booklovers! Today I ain’t reviewing a book for you guys. This time am giving my two cents on a Netflix show based on the book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher.


Briefly stating, the story is about a teenage girl who commits suicide and leaves thirteen tapes stating why for thirteen people and our lead is one of them.

We meet Clay Jenson in the first episode to whom the tapes are delivered at his doorsteps by someone unknown. Once he plays them we get to meet the rest of the main characters including our other protagonist Hannah Baker, the one who has committed suicide.

I don’t know what it is but I found the whole series a little ridiculous. Sure bullying is a serious problem and should be handled with the right attitude and seriousness but committing suicide? I don’t think so.

Of course, there’s the whole backstory to why she commits suicide through various characters and how they behaved and treated her which is pretty much accurate with regard to high schoolers. I hated all of them. I couldn’t imagine tolerating anyone of them in school, even the ‘nice’ ones.


I remember some people wanted to boycott this show because it glorifies suicide by making it look pretty and personal. Millions came forward because they identified with the story and I can see why but except for the flaws in the characters none of them including Clay Jenson made any impact on me.

Maybe am been harsh having seen better series and a bunch of high schoolers and their problems seem to be silly and I confess I haven’t read the book either, so maybe the book is better? It’s a good time pass for sure but reaches nowhere near Stranger Things which has achieved cult status for me (and everyone, duh?).

Definitely the topic portrayed in the series must be discussed and teens must find a way to open up and have proper support system. In that sense the series is spot on. I have read many a reviews where it has heavily influenced them and find it easier to talk about their problems more openly. But that’s all what I find redeemable about it.

The acting is top notch. The supporting characters have done an outstanding job so much so that I seriously dislike many of them or maybe the writing is just that good?

Sometimes I felt like it was dragging on for too much. After some point I found myself annoyed at Hannah bakers character as to why if she could take so much time and thought to make those tapes then why not divulge something to your parents instead (whose sorrow is heart wrenching to watch) especially her mom whom she was clearly close to. But no. She rather make those tapes.


I understand it’s a TV show whose purpose was to showcase teenage bullying, angst and high-school problems but it just seems more glorified for no reason. Even Clays character was weird and what the hell was up with Tony?

Clearly they have decided and at the time of writing this review released the second season but suffice to say am least interested in watching it. Maybe I will watch it some time later but not just yet.

Bibliogyan rating – Not worthy of binge watching…But watch it for the message.

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