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The Legacy #12

Hey Booklovers. Sorry I took quiet a bit of time to post since my last review. June been the month of back to school, has made it a bit difficult to read or review. But now am moving back to a schedule so hopefully won’t have a gap like this.

Coming to the book am going to review for you today is The Legacy by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir.

The story begins with a flashback in the past about three kids up for adoption. Their background is shrouded in secrecy. In the present we are confronted with a grisly murder. This is where we are introduced to the main character Huldar, a police officer in the CID promoted to investigate the case.

Apparently there was a witness in the murder case and its a seven year old girl – the victims daughter. But what she says makes matters worse – There’s about to be another murder.

I found the story to be slow burning but never dragging. Characters are well drawn out specially Freyja and Karl. Karl’s specially is a sad one. I wanted him to become stronger and find his way in life. But in the story he is only there to bring the plot forward.

Freyja works at the Children’s House (for child protection) as well as serves as Huldar’s love interest. She doesn’t have much of a backstory but her arc is drawn out well. Towards three fourth of the book I had an idea who the killer might be, at least their background, though I didn’t expect the final reveal.

The supporting characters are all neither here nor there but Huldar’s colleagues Erla and Rikhardur deserves special mentions.

I picked up this book because I wanted to read something different in the suspense genre and found crimebythebook recommend nordic noir under crime fiction. I was intrigued by the summary of the book and decided to read it.

I liked the characterization and the authors ability to draw us in but I don’t know, maybe I expected something more gripping. Definitely will be trying out her other books but for now am looking forward to reading Jo Nesbos book next. Pick this if you are a fan of crime fiction.

Bibliogyans ratings – Worth a read for crime fiction fans.

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