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Pines #11

Hey Booklovers. Am going to review the book Pines by Blake Crouch from the trilogy of Wayward Pine series.

Seldom do I come across a book that I both dislike and get hooked into at the same time. Either I like it or I don’t. The story is about a secret service agent Ethan Burke. He is in Wayward Pines to investigate a missing persons case – two in fact. What happens when he reaches there and how he finds everyone in pines forms the rest of the story. It seems something sinister is going on underneath the facade of this perfect town. Yet he cannot put his finger on it. Worst still, is that he doesn’t remember much having woken up from an accident a couple days before.

I kept thinking about a shutter island kind of twist to this story which in hindsight would have been better but the story when it did reveal itself I found it way too far fetched.

The writing is of course brilliant. The author hooks you in from page one but once I finished the book I had more questions than the answers given at the end. Basically I wasn’t satisfied with the reveal. Not entirely. It kinda fit for the way the author wrote the story line but could have been so much more.

The author also gives a specific backstory for the protagonist whereby he serves in the afghan war and has seen horrors beyond measure as well as endure it. I found that a bit distracting but not annoying.

I haven’t watched the TV series based on this and dunno if I would. It’s got that weird 50s vibe going on and the author acknowledges his inspiration for the same. You can also compare it with the Truman show and Plesantville, I guess. Also I can assure you I won’t be reading the other two books in the series. I found it perfectly satisfactory as an end to Ethan Burkes story and don’t have the appetite to entertain another.

Bibliogyan Rating – A quick read on a lazy day.

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