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All The Missing Girls #10


Hey Booklovers! So today the book am about to review is All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda. It’s a thriller about a girl named Nicolette Farrell and the supporting cast and the disappearance of two missing girls – a decade apart. One her ex best friend and another a girl from her locality.

What sets this book apart from other thrillers is the way its written – backwards. At first I was curious how that would pan out and as I read the book I kept trying to guess whats gonna happen next. The book starts at the beginning laying out all its card right and then is told backwards as to what happened in the last fifteen days that led them to that point in time.

I am not sure everyone can enjoy this book mainly because it feels so personal the way the story unfolds – like about someone we know and they are recounting this story to us in a painfully detailed manner. The plot comes out beautifully describing the protagonist’s past by weaving it in the present. I felt like it could make a scrumptious mini series. Throughout the time I was reading the book I imagined how it would look on the big screen (your mobile, more precisely).

The struggles, the experience, the heartache everything feels very nuanced and I was fascinated by the amount of details the author packed into this book. We come to know Nicolette in just a few pages but by the time you reach the end, you are in a for a big surprise – thats both predictable yet astonishing.

I don’t think many are going to enjoy reading this book and I must confess, I feel the book is ambiguous and can be read both backwards or from day one as well – in fact I plan to skip through from day 1 to day 15 when I get time and see how it goes.

What I liked about the book was the settings, the characterisation and plot structure and not necessarily that its told backwards but the whole structure in itself. I loved how she brought these characters alive. Except for Everett (Nic’s Fiance) every other character felt lived through and real.

My experience reading this book was a good one. I enjoyed the thrill of discovering what the author unearthed but it wasn’t an edge of your seat thriller either. I can see how some may connect it with The Girl on the Train – which I confess I didn’t read but watched the movie – loved Emily Blunt and very mysterious indeed but this one is not up there. Just like the plot, I find myself ambiguous about my preference for the book, while I was blown away with the writing, the ending could have been – for a lack of better word – something more but nevertheless a satisfying read.

Bibliogyan Rating – Read it for something different in the thriller genre.

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