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The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle #6

Hey book lovers, today am going to review this book written by Stuart Turton, which is his debut novel.

Make no mistake, that this book is not for the ones without patience. I took 3 weeks to read this book and it had nothing to do with laziness.

The book is about the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle. The protagonist has to figure out who did it, which is in itself difficult since he doesn’t remember who he is either. The settings of the book is somewhere in 1900s from what I gather but nothing specific. Conveniently the whereabouts and time is not important here but the story and it’s execution.

The protagonist, Aiden Bishop is stuck in a time loop (remember Groundhog day? Bill Murray?) where he has to re-live a day over and over again but in eight different hosts. To say this book is confusing is to say the least. It’s a complex book with fascinating characters and it’s only the writers passion for the story that saves it from being a complete mess.


One thing this book lacks is a sense of urgency. At least That’s what I felt. It’s obvious the cycle starts again and again if he fails but there’s no tension for a lack of better word especially for a book that has time bending theme going on.

Am reminded of the recent movie I watched Happy Death Day where the protagonist is murdered but has to relive that day till she figures out who did it. But there we are continuously dreading every time she is about to be killed but maybe it’s the medium that makes the difference.

This book is over five hundred pages and definitely tries your patience. I remember skipping parts of it because it was just not holding my interest. But it is nevertheless a gripping crime novel with supernatural elements that definitely warrants a second reading where you will, am sure, discover new things which you missed first.

Of course when I retrospect, once the major twist is revealed I do wonder if the original story holds true nor if it actually makes sense but the book is a joy to read for it’s originality and story.

Bibliogyan ratings – Thumbs up


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