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Wife 22 #3

Let me start off by saying how long I took to finish this book. Almost 6 months. Yeah. But that’s not the authors fault. No. I just put it off cause I felt I was watching some family sitcom one episode at a time.

Make no mistake, Wife 22 by Melaine Gideon is a feel good book that takes you on a ride, like a sneak peak but more personal into the lives of the main character Alice Buckle. She is in her forties; married, drama teacher/ playwright with two kids. The perfect suburban life.

The book feels more like a diary with little comedy thrown in. Feels real, authentic. But drags most of the time. I like the authors voice and I feel for the women of her age. Losing touch with teenage kids, distance with husband, no development on career and having to deal with all this with an absent mother. Like a midlfe crisis. Sooner or later we all reach that stage. That’s what makes it so endearing.

wofe 22

Coming to the plot, Alice Buckle is going through a growing disconnect between her husband and kids interspersed with today’s technology and how it plays a part in our everyday lives. It resembles an up to date Twitter feed but more personal. Her life and journey and how she deals with that time in her life is what we as a reader get to see.

I don’t think it’s an every readers cup of tea to read this. It’s not like there’s something happening throughout the book, in fact I feel like it will make for good TV.

The story mainly focuses on Alice who signs up for a survey that takes a chunk of the book through which her life unfolds. But is this survey for real or is it fake? Is she been conned? We will have to wait till the end to find out. I thought it was a bit predictable though. Read it if you are interested in a long drawn peek into adulthood.

Bibliogyan rating – Chic lit for only the Select 🙋


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