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Origin #2

One of the books I have read for this year’s goodreads challenge is Origin by Dan Brown.

It features our beloved protagonist Prof. Robert Langdon, Harvard Symbologist in his fifth outing. He has been immensely popularized by Actor Tom Hanks who plays the character in the movie adaptation of the books.

Coming to the plot, it starts in a typical Dan Brown style where something explosive is about to be revealed but not without a lot of info dump.

This time the story revolves around a discovery made by an atheist cum philanthropist cum millionaire technology enthusiast Edward Kirsch, who is also an old student of Robert Langdon. His discovery is tried to be banned at all cost amid a vast conspiracy. The settings is in Spain and this time it’s art that Brown focuses on as the books running theme.

This time too the author makes for an interesting read but half of the book serves as Wikipedia with information dumped on every page served as a delaying tactic to reveal the twist more than anything else.

Just as in Angels&Demons and Da Vinci code we have a typical villain who is one step ahead or step to step with the protagonists trying to thwart their efforts at revealing the secret.

In Origin we have a typical strong female protagonist in Ms. Ambra Vidal, director of a museum and engaged to the heir of Spain’s King. Langdon and her are forced to escape the authorities and go on a fact finding mission to discover what Edward was about to reveal before the accident and release his finding to the world so as to not be subverted by an evil church and this forms the crux of the story.

The story in itself is disappointing but Dan Brown pulls you in to keep reading till the end. Not a bad Sunday read if you have nothing else to do.

Bibliogyan rating – For Dan Brown fans😎


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