Wife 22 #3

Let me start off by saying how long I took to finish this book. Almost 6 months. Yeah. But that’s not the authors fault. No. I just put it off cause I felt I was watching some family sitcom one episode at a time.

Make no mistake, Wife 22 by Melaine Gideon is a feel good book that takes you on a ride, like a sneak peak but more personal into the lives of the main character Alice Buckle. She is in her forties; married, drama teacher/ playwright with two kids. The perfect suburban life.

The book feels more like a diary with little comedy thrown in. Feels real, authentic. But drags most of the time. I like the authors voice and I feel for the women of her age. Losing touch with teenage kids, distance with husband, no development on career and having to deal with all this with an absent mother. Like a midlfe crisis. Sooner or later we all reach that stage. That’s what makes it so endearing.

wofe 22

Coming to the plot, Alice Buckle is going through a growing disconnect between her husband and kids interspersed with today’s technology and how it plays a part in our everyday lives. It resembles an up to date Twitter feed but more personal. Her life and journey and how she deals with that time in her life is what we as a reader get to see.

I don’t think it’s an every readers cup of tea to read this. It’s not like there’s something happening throughout the book, in fact I feel like it will make for good TV.

The story mainly focuses on Alice who signs up for a survey that takes a chunk of the book through which her life unfolds. But is this survey for real or is it fake? Is she been conned? We will have to wait till the end to find out. I thought it was a bit predictable though. Read it if you are interested in a long drawn peek into adulthood.

Bibliogyan rating – Chic lit for only the Select 🙋


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Origin #2

One of the books I have read for this year’s goodreads challenge is Origin by Dan Brown.

It features our beloved protagonist Prof. Robert Langdon, Harvard Symbologist in his fifth outing. He has been immensely popularized by Actor Tom Hanks who plays the character in the movie adaptation of the books.

Coming to the plot, it starts in a typical Dan Brown style where something explosive is about to be revealed but not without a lot of info dump.

This time the story revolves around a discovery made by an atheist cum philanthropist cum millionaire technology enthusiast Edward Kirsch, who is also an old student of Robert Langdon. His discovery is tried to be banned at all cost amid a vast conspiracy. The settings is in Spain and this time it’s art that Brown focuses on as the books running theme.

This time too the author makes for an interesting read but half of the book serves as Wikipedia with information dumped on every page served as a delaying tactic to reveal the twist more than anything else.

Just as in Angels&Demons and Da Vinci code we have a typical villain who is one step ahead or step to step with the protagonists trying to thwart their efforts at revealing the secret.

In Origin we have a typical strong female protagonist in Ms. Ambra Vidal, director of a museum and engaged to the heir of Spain’s King. Langdon and her are forced to escape the authorities and go on a fact finding mission to discover what Edward was about to reveal before the accident and release his finding to the world so as to not be subverted by an evil church and this forms the crux of the story.

The story in itself is disappointing but Dan Brown pulls you in to keep reading till the end. Not a bad Sunday read if you have nothing else to do.

Bibliogyan rating – For Dan Brown fans😎


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Ready Player One #1

I recently finished reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I must say even though I think of myself as an avid reader I am still hard pressed for finding good books to read. I would have not heard of this book if I hadn’t decided to listen to some good audiobooks and it was number one on the buzzfeed audiobooks list and decided to give it a try. But the Bibliophile in me couldn’t let the opportunity to read such a good book pass by. And so I ordered a copy of the same.

A good book needs to hook you right when you start reading and this one does just that. The story follows the main character Wade Watts who is also known as Parzival in a virtual reality game called the Oasis. It’s like a video game but where the player is completely immersed in it unlike the 2D version where we use a stick and tv/screen to play. Here the player is part of a virtual reality that is programmed to be so addictive that you forget this isn’t real.


Wade is a typical underdog and it isn’t hard to root for him. But where the story shines is in the atmosphere created by the author and how he amalgamated both the 80s pop culture and the futuristic technology. I have read many a review’s where readers hated the writing especially the dialogue but to me the world building was fascinating.

The story is set in 2045 and it isn’t a pretty picture. Famine, poverty, diseases all are rampant including environmental disasters. But are we all that far from reality? The main villain is a corporate conglomerate and even this is not too far from reality.

The one thing I did not like was how addictive this technology is where many characters hardly seem to have a life outside of Oasis but given the context of their surrounding it’s definitely understandable. Also it’s not too far from the truth where people even today are addicted to their smartphones, tablets and even videogames.

I loved all the 80s reference, of course I did not know many of them but knew enough to understand most of the story. Am particularly not fond of videogames as I have never had the patience to play it. Besides am a bookworm so you can guess I read more than I played.

The book also feels familiar if you know the Blade Runner movies. Their world’s seems pretty similar and also plays a part in the book as well.

Coming to the plot itself it centres around a quest to find The Easter Egg that is hidden inside the virtual reality programme called the Oasis. It’s creator James Halliday has no heirs and hence the one to find the egg shall inherit all his fortune including the Oasis itself.  To do this the player must complete three levels for which Halliday has scattered clues around the gigantic world giving only a head start riddle. Who will complete the quest? And how? forms the rest of the story.

Like the Harry Potter series (this is nothing like HP) the author has created a brilliant world where everything makes sense, everything has a purpose. The world building is thoroughly enjoyable.

Soon to be released major motion picture and directed by none other than Spielberg himself who is referenced in the book, this is a book of a lifetime that will take you on an adventure and like the tag says it truly is like Willy wonka meets the Matrix. Though I must say the trailer seemed a bit different from the book so I don’t expect an exact copy of the book.

Highly recommended. Grab your copy right now!

Bibliogyan rating – Thumbs up!👍


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GoodReads Challenge 2018


Am pretty late in posting this. So might as well as dive straight into it.

As the title suggests, i have decided to do a Goodreads challenge this year. I have always wanted to do it but never got around to actually doing it, but for some reason this year I did stick to the books I have decided to read.

So far I have finished reading 5 books out of 20, all of whose reviews will be posted as soon as possible. Meanwhile check out the books I have listed in my Goodreads account Here.

If you are like me, and want to complete the Goodreads challenge this year, then join me and lets see if our interests match or otherwise just enjoy the posts I make. So take your favourite book out and start reading.