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Stalker by Lars Kepler

Hey booklovers! I just finished my first book of December! It's taken some time as I couldn't get hooked into the book as quickly as I thought. Does that happen to you? I mean you are excited to read a book but once you start its little bit of a drag for a few chapters… Continue reading Stalker by Lars Kepler

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~The Kooky Kids Club by Robbie Yates~ (*Blog Tour*)

Thank you to Digital Reads Blog Tours by Shalini for my copy of this book in return for a review.  All opinions contained in this review are my own.   My Review The Kooky Kids club is a plot revolving around Maxine. She is studying in her fifth grade but doesn't have any friends. She… Continue reading ~The Kooky Kids Club by Robbie Yates~ (*Blog Tour*)

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Have You Heard of The Kooky Kids Club??

When I heard Shalini was hosting a blog tour I was excited and anxious as this would be my first blog tour and she was kind enough to tell me how things worked. I waited patiently to hear from her again wanting to read this quirky book as soon as possible. Finally, the tour is… Continue reading Have You Heard of The Kooky Kids Club??

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Lies by T.M Logan

Hey booklovers! So November is officially over. Am both sad and excited. Sad since it's my favourite month and excited cause with every end there's a new beginning. One of the books I had my eyes on was Lies by TM Logan. I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it anytime soon but since… Continue reading Lies by T.M Logan

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Deadly Secrets By Robert Bryndza

Hey booklovers! So I have been on a book slump for a few days. Since my Goodreads challenge is almost over (just one more book!) am finding it a bit confusing as to what to read next. So I decided to make a list of books to read and am once again stocked up. Though… Continue reading Deadly Secrets By Robert Bryndza

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The Ascendance Trilogy #19

Hey Booklovers! November is coming to an end! Seriously where did the year go?? Well the good news is that I finally finished a series I took two years to read. Ridiculous right? I mean I finished the first two pretty quickly but somewhere along there I lost interest and no matter what I just… Continue reading The Ascendance Trilogy #19

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How The GoodReads Challenge Revived My Love For Books!

Hey Booklovers! I HAD TO REPOST THIS SINCE IT WAS MISSING FROM PUBLISHED POSTS NOR WAS IT SEEN ON MY BLOG.  I have been wanting to write on various topics other than just book reviews from the beginning but never got around to doing it. But now that the year is coming to an end… Continue reading How The GoodReads Challenge Revived My Love For Books!